What is Mypenmail.com LLC

Mypenmail.com LLC is a company that was founded on Christian values. Service is our number one priority. We are here to provide the best customer services and products available. We are committed to our customer internally and externally. Our goal is simply to be the best technology service company. Mypenmail.com LLC was founded in 2014. We offer a customer relationship database management program for small businesses and churches.

About Community CRM

Mypenmail.com LLC is a secure database system for the transmission of church data. Mypenmail.com LLC has acquired encryption service through Comondo Security. The entire online database has 256-bit encryption, so client data is secure. Mypenmail.com LLC provides daily backups of all online data transactions. Mypenmail.com LLC offers 99% up time for the database system. There are no setup fees, no contracts, and no hidden fees. The service can be paid by the month or year. However, the client can cancel the service at anytime. The interface is very simple and not overly complicated to get clients started. There is a small to no learning curve with this application. Mypenmail.com LLC is constantly making updates to meet client expectation and requirements. All updates are free of charge. There are minor updates throughout the year and at least one major upgrade per year. Clients never have to worry if their database is obsolete
  • Ideas

    We work with your ideas not our own.

  • discussion

    We have open communication and ready to solve any problems.

  • design

    State of the art design to meet clients needs and expectation.

  • development

    We have development teams for both website design and database design.

  • Contact Us

    Our normal response time is within 24hrs. You can also use our quick contact form to ask a question about our services and projects.

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